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Peterborough - Haliburton - Maynooth Route

This route travels through aboth farmland and forest and passes by many lakes, rivers, small villages and parkland. Haliburton  is a small town in the Haliburton highlands and is the furthest point on this route from Peterborough.  Maynooth is a small village with a gas station and a restaurant and that's about it. Bancroft is a mid sized town with many restaurants, gas stations, services and shopping.

This route is paved entirely and has speed limits of 80 kmh (50mph) for almost the entire route. Total Riding Time approximately 5 hours plus stops.

Begin: Parkhill Rd. & Chemong Rd., Peterborough
0 km
Follow Chemong Rd. Northwest out of Peterborough to Bridgenorth
8.3 km
Chemong Road becomes Ward St. at Bridgenorth. Follow Ward St. to Bridge St.
1 km
Turn left on Bridge St.and cross lake to Ennismore Township.
1.3 km
Turn right on Robinson Road and proceed to Ennismore Village.
2.5 km
Turn right on Tara Rd. and Follow to Gannon's Narrows and cross lake.
8.6 km
Tara Rd. becomes Lakehurst Road (Cty Rd 37) at Gannon's Narrows follow past Sandy Lake (Approx. 8 kms from Gannon's Narrows) to Buckhorn
14.6 km
Follow Lakehurst Road (Cty Rd 37) through Buckhorn to stop sign at Buckhorn Road (Cty Rd 23).
1 km
Turn left onto Buckhorn Road (Cty Rd 37) and follow to Flynn's Corners Junction with Cty Rd 507.  Note:Flynn's Corners has the last gas station for 38 km & if the gas station in Gooderham is closed you won't see another gas station until Haliburton (61 km from Flynn's Corners).
7.2 km
Turn right on Cty Rd 507 and follow north to Gooderham. Very winding great motorcycle road!!
38 km
Turn left at Gooderham on Cty Rd 503 and proceed to Buckhorn Road (Cty Rd 3)  
1.6 km
Turn Right on Buckhorn Road and proceed north to Hwy 118
16.5 km
Turn Left on Hwy 118 and follow into Haliburton
5 km
In Haliburton you will find several gas stations, restaurants, shopping and more. When entering Haliburton on Hwy 118 you'll see a side road on your left which I believe is called Skyline Park Road. Follow this road for about 1.5 km and you'll come to a scenic lookout which is well worth visiting.

Follow Hwy 118 back out of Haliburton the way you entered and follow to Essonville Rd (Cty Rd 4)
18.4 km
Turn left at Essonville Rd (Cty Rd 4) and follow to Loop Rd in Wilberforce                   
8.8 km
Turn Left on Loop Rd. and follow through Harcourt to Elephant Lake Rd. (Cty Rd  10). 38 km to the next gas station after Harcourt.
9.2 km
Turn left on Elephant Lake Rd. (Cty Rd  10) and follow to Peterson Rd. You'll pass through the southern tip of Algonquin park during this leg of the route.
18.1 km
Veer Right onto Peterson Rd. and follow to Hwy 62.
19.8 km
Turn Right on Hwy 62 and follow through Bancroft to Hwy 28
18.7 km
In Bancroft you also find several gas stations, restaurants, shopping and more. And for those so inclined, you will find Tim Horton's, McDonald's, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Delight, Dixie Lee Chicken for the first time on this trip. Bancroft also has a scenic lookout known as the Eagles Nest which is accessed by making a left turn off Hwy 62 as you're entering Bancroft.

From Bancroft follow Hwy 28 south to Apsley.
43.5 km
Continue on Hwy 28 to Lakefield.
42.9 km
At the second set of lights in Lakefield turn right on Bridge St.        
1.6 km
Follow Bridge St. out of town where it becomes the Lakefield road
5 km
Lakefield Road becomes Water St in Peterborough. Water St. will become one way where it becomes George St. N
2.4 km
Follow George St N. to Parkhill Rd.
.9 km
Turn Right on Parkhill Rd. and follow to Chemong Road
.5 km
End: Parkhill Rd. & Chemong Rd., Peterborough
Total 295 km

Note:When entering Lakefield from the north on Hwy 28, you will pass Grove School which Queen Elizabeth'e son Prince Andrew attended back in the 1970's or a year or two.